What is a Paranormal Investigation like?
The nightFlight evening is filled with fun and exciting activities that are geared to celebrating the energy and good humor on both sides of the ghostly divide! However, the actual “investigation” portion of the event is taken very seriously. It is a REAL investigation, and real data will be gathered. While an investigation offers instances of spine-tingling eeriness, we approach our spirits with respect and compassion. They are, after all, our own destiny. During the actual investigation, we do not try to scare or spook one another; nor will horseplay of any kind be tolerated. You will be trained in all aspects of Paranormal Investigation Protocols as part of the event.

Is the Investigation safe?
Over the years, Fantasy of Flight has been subject to a number of professional paranormal investigations, and no one has ever been injured—not counting tingling spines, sudden intakes of breath, raised hair, goose-pimples or unexplained changes in temperature, of course. However, be aware that the nightFlight investigation takes place largely in the dark, and guests will be asked to adjust to awkward spaces periodically. Guests will be asked to use good judgment about their own abilities and you will be required to sign a waiver in order to participate, just in case the spirits take a liking to you…

How shall I dress for the investigation?
Be comfortable and blend into the environment as much as possible. Because the investigation takes place in quiet, dark areas, you are encouraged to wear quiet, dark clothing—nothing bright, shiny, distracting, or glow-in-the-dark. Secure any clothing (straps, strings, etc.) or hair that may create a visual distraction or noise. Be sure to have a sweater or jacket. No jingly jewelry. No flip flops or high heals. Wear secure, flat-soled shoes.

What should I bring with me?
Fantasy of Flight provides investigative equipment and flashlights. Guests may bring a camera; however, there will be limitations on the use of flash photography. Always a good idea to have back-up batteries and a notepad and pencil. Experienced investigators are encouraged to bring their own hand-held equipment: EMF detectors, IR viewers and thermometers, recorders, etc. The only requirement is that the equipment be portable and is used in conformance with the structured investigation.

Most important: pack your open mind!